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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feb8: #Egypt opposition m Stubborn problems with no easy solution.

#Egypt opposition m Stubborn problems with no easy solution.
Feb 10th 2013, 00:41

Kevin Macy ‏@kmacy2 Stubborn problems with no easy solution. Fear of assassinations haunt Egypt opposition http://apne.ws/WMRUsp  Collapse   Reply   Retweet   Favorite  Buffer    More Fear of assassinations haunt Egypt opposition Story user rating:      MAGGIE MICHAEL Published: Today CAIRO (AP) - Watching the events in Tunisia, where a leading anti-Islamist politician was shot to death this past week, members of Egypt's liberal opposition are fearfully asking: Could it happen here too? Their fears of a renegade Islamist attack on any of the top opposition leaders have been hiked by religious edicts issued by hardline clerics on TV saying they must be killed. But even before those edicts, activists have been worried by signs they say show that ruling Islamists are starting to target their ranks - disappearances of activists from protests, telephone death threats, warnings from security officials. Some in the opposition say there's no sure proof of a campaign, just worrisome patterns. But the fears point to how agitated the atmosphere has become in Egypt, with tempers hiked on both sides. The mainly liberal and secular opposition accuses Islamist President Mohammed Morsi of unleashing security forces to crush their protests against him. In turn, many Islamist backers of the president are convinced that the opposition is trying to topple a democratically elected leader by force. In that environment, an assassination against a top opposition figure like that of Tunisia's Chokri Belaid could be explosive. Authorities appear to recognize the potential danger. The  government increased security at the homes of Egypt's top opposition figures, including Mohamed ElBaradei, a senior figure in the National Salvation Front. On Saturday, there was a startling moment when ElBaradei was getting into vehicle, tightly surrounded by bodyguards, and a...

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