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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb11: #Lost QUESTION 6: Who was in that cabin? ANSWER 6: The Island.

#Lost QUESTION 6: Who was in that cabin? ANSWER 6: The Island.
Feb 12th 2013, 17:31

QUESTION 6: Who was in that cabin? ANSWER 6: The Island. An important thing people forget about LOST is that from the beginning, the Island was a character. The finale gave almost all of the characters perfect, appropriate send-offs. The character of the Island, however, didn't get a satisfying end. From the beginning, the Island gave Locke visions and had a mysterious agenda. It wanted things. Yes, Jacob and the Monster manipulated certain events, but there were things even they didn't understand. They were, after all, essentially kids when they took on their forms and roles on the Island. There are rules they don't understand and things at play that they can't comprehend. That's the Island. It is the Universe. It's the Rules. It's God. It needs Jack to go back. It won't let Michael kill himself. It is a being as well as a place. A being that Jacob doesn't understand, but is sworn to protect. So, many questions can honestly be answered with "The Island did it." The cabin was a place that moved around seemingly at random. Characters would often peer in and see their own eye reflecting back at them. John Locke saw a wigged version of himself sitting in a rocking chair in the cabin. The Monster, as we were told, can only take the forms of people who are dead. Moving a cabin or location around is not a power attributed to the Smoke Monster, or Jacob. The only thing with the power to move objects through time is the Island itself. Locke even had a vision about where to the find the cabin. Visions aren't a Smoke Monster or a Jacob game. They're an Island game. So if Existence and the Sideways World are two splatters of paint, then the Island is the paint brush. It is a conscious entity that affects how the paint splatters. Yes, the Smoke Monster played a long con to kill Jacob. Jacob played a long con to get rid of Smokey and to get Jack & Co. to fix the Island. The Island, however, was playing the longest...

[Summary, click link above for rest of the story]

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