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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb11: #Lost QUESTION 2: What is the Island? ANSWER 2: Magic.

#Lost QUESTION 2: What is the Island? ANSWER 2: Magic.
Feb 12th 2013, 17:13

QUESTION 2: What is the Island? ANSWER 2: Magic. The longer answer for this is "The Island is a conscious place that can travel through time and space. It contains the source of all life. Water and Light combine at its center to form an energy that fuels Life, Death and Rebirth throughout existence. The Island, like all life, can make choices and be manipulated. If the light at the Source of the Island ever goes out, everything ends." But the shorter answer is still "Magic." Magic is actually the answer to many Unanswered Questions, and if you hate that fact, then LOST just wasn't for you. Since the beginning, the central argument in the show was about Science vs. Faith. As it turns out, the winner of that battle is "a little bit of both." Our protagonist Jack started out as a man of Science, and he saved the world after he learned to balance his beliefs with his new found Faith in the Island. John Locke, on the other hand, operated on blind faith, and it broke him. He helped save the Island, but he also ended up being the face of the villain. On the other hand, Jack, the balanced one, was our hero. Balanced. So, yeah, Science won a little and Faith won a little. Among the show's sci-fi elements, like time travel and pushing a button every 108 minutes to stop the end of the world, there is also magic and ghosts and an afterlife. There is the unexplainable; a Monster in the jungle, and Magic on Magic Island. Read more: http://www.cracked.com/blog/108-answers-to-losts-supposedly-unanswered-questions/#ixzz2KhpC8u9U

[Summary, click link above for rest of the story]

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