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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mar2: #Syria Intense fighting across Syria strengthens feeling of approaching crucial turning point in civil war:

#Syria Intense fighting across Syria strengthens feeling of approaching crucial turning point in civil war:
Mar 2nd 2013, 22:59

54Peter Clifford ‏@PeterClifford1 #Syria Intense fighting across Syria strengthens feeling of approaching crucial turning point in civil war: http://tinyurl.com/PCOSyria2  Expand   Reply   Retweet   Favorite  Buffer    More s the level of fighting and the size of the battles increases across Syria, there is a distinct feeling that the conflict may be reaching a decisive moment. In Aleppo currently, a major battle is underway as Opposition forces, having breached the perimeter and gained control of some buildings, are fighting hard to take the rest of the vast compound of the Police Academy at Khan al-Asal.  FSA Attacking Aleppo Police Academy Heavy bombardment is taking place on both sides and casualties are high, with the Opposition using mortars and tanks as well as lighter weapons to make headway. This video shows Opposition fighters gathering to break into the compound and successfully shelling it with mortar rounds, HERE: Another Opposition attack is also underway at the nearby Aleppo Military Academy of Engineering at Hamadaniya and fighting across many other districts in the city including Bustan Basha, Ashrafi, Sabeil and Sabaa Bahrat. Some commentators believe that if the Opposition capture the Military and Police academies then this will seal the fate of Syria's largest city as far as the Assad regime is concerned. Interestingly, the attack on the Military Academy by the Free Syrian Army and their allies poses something of a dilemna for General Salim Idriss, the Chief of Staff of the FSA Supreme Miltary Council, as he was the dean and teaching there for 20 years until he defected in July 2012. There are believed to be 2,000 Government troops within the academy and reinforced bunkers under every building. Speaking to the New York Times, General Idriss said, "All the officers inside the academy are my colleagues. I don't want to fight against...

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