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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Your FULL access trial ends in 2 days

Dear perfectsliders,

As a final reminder, your free trial of FULL access ends in just two days. Your account will automatically convert back to FREE access and you will no longer have access to the subscription-based features. You do not need to take any action for your account to convert back to FREE access.

Remember, you can upgrade your account at any time if you would like to keep the following subscription-based features and benefits:
  • Higher usage limits and no advertisements
  • Ability to reply and retweet directly from your inbox
  • Detailed emails containing links to view more info about each tweet
  • Enhanced New Follower and Direct Message notifications
  • Support for tweeting over 140 characters and scheduling tweets
  • Faster email alerts
  • And much more...

How does the subscription work?
  • It's affordable: A monthly subscription to tweetymail costs less than a sandwich!
  • It's flexible: You can choose from one of two subscription levels based on your needs - FULL or MAX
  • There's no obligation: Your subscription will be month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime
  • It's easy and secure: You can use either PayPal or Google Checkout to manage your payments (both services accept credit cards)

How do I upgrade my account?

Go here to upgrade your account immediately: http://tweetymail.com/upgrade

What happens if I don't upgrade?

If you decide not to upgrade your account, your account will be converted to a FREE access account in two days. You will no longer have access to tweetymail's subscription features, but you will still be able to use all of the free features.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to reply to this email with any questions you have regarding the subscription service or upgrading your account.

You are receiving this notice as a user of tweetymail. You can unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive such notices. You can also sign in to your tweetymail account to manage or remove your email addresses.
tweetymail | 540 Abbey Fields Loop, Morrisville, NC 27560

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