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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb9: #syria last 2 days the Assad regime has kept up its “scorched-earth policy”, indiscrimately bombarding suburbs

#syria last 2 days the Assad regime has kept up its "scorched-earth policy", indiscrimately bombarding suburbs
Feb 10th 2013, 15:01

Peter Clifford ‏@PeterClifford1 #Syria Despite #Assad's "scorched-earth" policy, Opposition fighters come within 1 km of heart of #Damascus: http://tinyurl.com/PCOSyria2  Collapse   Reply   Retweet   Favorite  Buffer    More TIMELINE -  10th FEBRUARY 2013 14.10 GMT: Over the last 2 days the Assad regime has kept up its "scorched-earth policy", indiscrimately bombarding suburbs, towns and villages which show any sign of support for the Opposition, while Opposition fighters continue to demonstrate that they will not be cowed or turned back from their determination to bring down the Government. Pro-assad newspaper Al-Watan said the Army launched a campaign this week in which it was "determined to crush terrorism around the capital and in big cities." FSA Launch Missiles Against Regime from East Ghouta The Syrian Army was recorded as shelling 365 targets across Syria yesterday, Saturday, killing civilians in Homs, Damascus, Deraa, Aleppo and Idlib provinces. In the Aleppo area the same Army force of 24 tanks and more than 3,000 men that killed 21 people in the town of Khanaser on Tuesday, were also accused of massacring 41 civilians, including women and children, in the village of Jneid on the eastern side of the city yesterday. In the Damascus suburbs of Douma, Saqba, Drousha, Qaboun, Moadamiyat al-Sham and Zabadani dozens were killed or injured as Government shells and rockets rained down and a Sunday Times journalist reported not seeing a single civilian in 3 hours in the Opposition held suburb of Daraya which continues to remain defiant despite continuous attack. Regardless of this intense assault, Opposition forces continue to make forays towards the very heart of Damascus, testing Government defences and continuing to take bases and Government buildings. On Friday, Opposition fighters blocked a key highway, al-Manasher, into the capital with burning tyres and...

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