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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb11: #Lost QUESTION 4: Did that bomb ... do something? ANSWER 4: "This place is a gift you gave yourselves."

#Lost QUESTION 4: Did that bomb ... do something? ANSWER 4: "This place is a gift you gave yourselves."
Feb 12th 2013, 17:23

QUESTION 4: Did that bomb ... do something? ANSWER 4: Yes! And furthermore ... ! To understand this, we need to understand the nature of Time in LOST. The rule that the show has given us is "Whatever happened, happened." It's a paradox-correcting rule, and it eliminates the idea of linear time or circular time. It's more like a big splat of paint on a wall. Everything in the past, present and future (which is to say, everything) happened at once. One big splatter of Magic Water and Light on a wall that creates every moment of existence. The Magic Water and Light of Life explodes in a giant splatter of Everything. And whatever happens in that splat, happens. So at the end of Season 5, Jacob's Candidates are in the '70s and the Incident is about to occur. The Incident that caused the creation of the Hatch, which caused the survivors to crash on the Island in the first place. 1970s DHARMA has drilled a hole in a particularly large pocket of Magic Island Energy, and it starts to escape, grow and collapse in on itself. If the survivors can set off the nuclear device Jughead, the Magic Island Energy will neutralize and the Incident will be avoided. The survivors would never have come to the Island at all. Time fixed. Photos.com Pictured: Stock photo of Time. Except that's not how Time works. Everything that happened, happened. In the present, Jughead was sitting in the Hatch, waiting to be detonated as a Failsafe if someone didn't push the button. Sayid mentioned the nuclear device, Jughead, when they first arrived at the Hatch. Back in the '70s, the bomb didn't go off. The Incident continued, but eventually enough construction equipment got sucked down and plugged the hole. The bomb was kept in the Hatch for later use. But let's look at the Sideways World from Season 6. In it, the Island is dead at the bottom of the ocean. Ben's father speaks of having left the Island years ago, so we know it existed when they were on it: right before the Incident. This...

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